Screen Exhibit of Dance Performance ‘Vessel’ & Talk Show between Kohei Nawa x Marihiko Hara

Kohei Nawa X Marihiko Hara
Screen Exhibit Title: ‘Vessel’
Artists: Kohei Nawa (Sculptor/SANDWICH) + Damien Jalet (Choreographer, Performer)

Talk Show: ‘Sculpture and Stage; Our Approach on the ‘Body’—Discussion on Dance Performance ‘Vessel’
Artists: Kohei Nawa (Sculptor/SANDWICH) x Marihiko Hara (Composer)
Moderator: Junji Tanigawa (JTQ)

Warehouse TERRADA

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03.18 | 19:00—19:30(Movie)


Artist Profile

  • Photo:Nobutada OMOTE|SANDWICH

    Photo:Nobutada OMOTE|SANDWICH

    Kohei Nawa

    Born in Osaka,1975. Currently based in Kyoto. Director of a multidisciplinary creative platform “SANDWICH Inc.”. Professor of graduate school/Art and Design Studies at Kyoto Universeity of Art & Design. Working with the unique concept of PixCell as an axis, his works continues to unfold in diverse expressions.

  • Marihiko Hara

    Marihiko Hara is a composer residing  in Kyoto, Japan. Graduated from Kyoto University (Faculty of Education). A project member of Dumb Type, Shiro Takatani.  His main interest is to compose serene  silence in music and to pursue his own texture of sounds. He composes music for performance such as Shiro Takatani “ST/LL” with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Damien Jalet + Kohei  Nawa “Vessel”, and visuals,  Kawai-Okamura “Columbos” (Awarded The Silver Dragon Prize at Krakow Film Festival), Eugene Kangawa “sansui”.