Synesthesia X1 - 2.44

Synesthesia Lab feat. evala (See by Your Ears)

“Synesthesia X1”—a synesthetic experience device like no other, created by the Synesthesia Lab. Letting go of your body on this device equipped with 44 vibrating actuators makes you feel as if you’re wrapped in a world of sounds, lights and vibrations. Your consciousness is honed as you naturally become a part of the flow. For the X1, we collaborate with sound artist evala (See by Your Ears) who introduces a new musical experience where your body itself becomes the medium.


Designed by Synesthesia Lab

Creative Direction: Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Enhance)
Product Design: Keitaro Shimizu (Rhizomatiks)
Structure Design: Shinsuke Yoshihara (Eisaku Workshop by FUJIOH)
Produce: Ayahiko Sato (Rhizomatiks)
Synesthesia Production Management: Hideto Yamada (Enhance)
Technical Management & Haptic Design: Nobuhisa Hanamitsu (Enhance)

Audio Architecture by See by Your Ears

Composition & Programming: evala (See by Your Ears)
Audio Software Development : Akihiko Matsumoto
Audio Engineering Support : ACOUSTIC FIELD
Audio Production Management: Arina Tsukada (See by Your Ears)

Lighting Design: Hideaki Tai, Tatsuya Motoki (Rhizomatiks)
Lighting System Development: Hideaki Tai (Rhizomatiks)
Technical Support: Momoko Nishimoto, Yuta Asai, Kyohei Mouri (Rhizomatiks), Yoichi Kamiyama (Cidre Interaction Design)
Lighting Arrangement: Michinari Marui (michinari)
Lighting Equipment: PRG

Product Advisory: Eisaku Sato (Eisaku Workshop by FUJIOH)
Product Support: Masaaki Tatsumi, Mitsuhiro Kiyose, Naoki Yashiro (mono conception products), Takayuki Shimizu (Eisaku Workshop by FUJIOH)

Space Design & Construction : Propeller & Co.

Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower 52F, TOKYO CITY VIEW

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2/23(sat)–3/3(sun)  | 10:00-22:00

*The program may correspond by a numbered ticket depending on the congestion situation

  • Admission Free (Separately Tokyo City View entrance fee is required)

    Tickets to Tokyo City View
    Adult1,800 yen
    University / Highschool student1,200 yen
    Child (Age 4 up to Junior highschool student)600 yen
    Senior (Ages 65 & over)1,500 yen

Artist Profile

  • Synesthesia Lab

    Formed as an alliance of like-minded teams, this experimental R&D lab studies synesthesia and multi sensory related experiences. Current teams include Enhance, Rhizomatiks, Resonair and Embodied Media (Keio Media Design). We actively partner with creators, artists, researchers, engineers and companies to bring unique ideas and projects to life.

  • evala (See by Your Ears)

    Sound artist, Musician. Born 1976 in Kyoto, Japan. Has been creating edgy works of electronic music, and exploring music experience with the use of 3D sound system as new instruments. He shows “spatial music” as a new way of composition based on his primary project “See by Your Ears,” which suggests how sound particles bounce and billow in a completely dark space. In the project, he exhibited his main piece as “Octyon Megalotis”(Sonar+D Spain, 2017) “Our Muse” (ACC, Korea 2018), a spatial audio experience collaborated with Sonic Surf VR of Sony “Acoustic Vessel Odyssey”(SXSW, Austin 2018).