Notification of TV broadcasting of "Japan's sound, voice and dance"

Recorded on March 14th (Sat) with no audience
The Japan Expo special performance “Japanese sounds, voices and dances” will be sent out as outlined below so that many people can enjoy the changes in lifestyle due to the spread of infectious diseases.
MAT was in charge of space production. (Video production: WOW, Yurinoki production: Hiromasa Komatsu)
Please take a look!

[Outline of sending]
Program name: Japan Expo special performance “Japanese sound, voice and dance”
Date: June 20, 2020 (Sat) 12:00-13:24
Broadcasting station: BS Nippon Television
After broadcasting on BS Nippon Television, it will be distributed for one month on the official TV site “TVer”, which is an official portal site for commercial TV stations.