Art and Commerce; Potential of Expression

Kosuke Oho X Takahiro Matsuo X Junji Tanigawa

Apple Store, Omotesando

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03.05 | 17:00—18:00


Artist Profile

  • Kosuke Oho

    WOW Creative Director
    After graduating from Tama Art University, joins a major advertising firm then proceeds to WOW. Has worked in overall visual planning (CM, VI, PV) and creative direction mainly via advertisement. His recent works have been focused on spatial visual expressions. His activity areas have expanded overseas and has worked as director on numerous installation visual projects.
  • Takahiro Matsuo

    Born 1979. CEO of LUCENT DESIGN INC. Engages in interactive light installations integrating video, light, technology and aesthetic representation.
    Matsuo’s artwork is created via his own video, light and programming systems and is diverse in expression and technique. They display Nature’s phenomena and laws, the delicateness of light within our imaginations and provoke intuitive participation from visitors. He has provided his creativity to international art exhibitions, public spaces, commercial facilities and luxury brand salons.
  • Junji Tanigawa

    CEO of JTQ Inc./ Space Composer / Media Ambition Tokyo Committee
    Born 1965. He founded consulting firm JTQ Inc. in 2002, providing creative direction for clients to “deliver [their] messages through the medium of space”. Going beyond the designing of physical structures, he applies all forms of communication to branding development and promotion. His major works include Japan Media Arts Festival (2005 - 2008), JAPAN BRAND EXHIBITION (2007), Kansei Exhibition (2009) at the Palais du Louvre’s Museum of Decorative Arts, Yakushiji Hikari Emaki (2010) to commemorate the 1300th anniversary of Heijyokyo, GOOD DESIGN EXPO (2007 - 2011), GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION (2007-2013), KRUG Bottle Cooler (2011, 2013), MARC JACOBS ICONIC SHOWPIECES EXHIBITION (2013), UT POP-UP! TYO (2013), MEDIA AMBITION TOKYO (2013 – 2014) and IMA CONCEPT STORE (2014). Tanigawa has been selected for the D&AD Awards, as well as winning numerous DSA (formerly DDA) Awards for his outstanding contributions to spatial design.