Everything is as it is

Douglas Diaz + Rhizomatiks Architecture
Letting go of my desire to create artificial connections between things and events, I get closer to accepting reality. Letting go of my preconceptions, I am able to surrender to the reality of life. In that acceptance and surrender, I am able to experience life for what it is: everything is as it is.
The drawings on display focus on experiencing the reality of life: the undeniability that nothing exist outside of the present moment, the now.
The analog drawing is a direct expression of the moment and the digital output is a comprehensive map that reveals how I experience the reality of life. Through various digital input devices that capture my movement, focus and concentration, Rhizomatiks will translate this information into a temporal spatial map of this journey in real time.

Roppongi Hills, West Walk 2F, Temporary Barricade

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Artist Profile

  • Douglas Diaz

    Douglas Diaz (b. 1972) is a Brooklyn, New York born artist. His work explores questions of his own humanity, challenging preconceptions and thoughts, embracing fears and the darkness that lies deep within the unconscious in an attempt to gain spiritual equanimity.
    This exploration takes shape in the form of graphite drawings that occur after a short zazen. The drawings themselves are cathartic exercises that often repeat in themes. Douglas lives and works in Higashiyoshino, Nara, Japan.
  • Rhizomatiks Architecture

    Rhizomatks Architecture is a professional team thinking new contents and realizing them. 
    We help our clients, self-government bodies and national governments to develop their facilities, local area and urban cities. Our greatest goal is to accomplish the whole process, from brainstorming about what the contents should be at each place and making a research with our client to think and realize our concept as a final output regardless of work scale, such as city development with forming a new community, urban development with "definition" of the area based on its context or facility development with brand-building. We ponder the place, event, contents, space and city at the same time, then produce the best output, not clinging to create a spatial representation. We think even an art event as an option.