FashionTech Summit #001

Digital Hollywood University(DHU)
Fashion tends to change dramatically with the times.
The goal of the FashionTech Summit is to make Tokyo into a startup hub for fashion tech, and also to build a community structure where large numbers of players in the fields of fashion and technology can all be connected for the sake of the future of fashion.
When the event starts, there will be a variety of content expanded and developed over the course of 3 days, with activities ranging from panel discussions run by large corporations currently carrying out initiatives in fashion tech to pitches and hackathons organized by startup companies working to expand services through the use of new technologies.
As the event imagines the future of IT and fashion, why not take part and experience fashion's new possibilities for yourself?

Digital Hollywood University

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  • Digital Hollywood University(DHU)

    Digital Hollywood University (DHU) is a four-year university located in Ochanomizu, Tokyo. Students develop their digital communication skills through digital content production such as computer graphics, film, web and so on. It’s been ten years since DHU opened and many of its graduates play active roles not only in content industry but also in various fields.
  • Digital Hollywood University, Graduate School

    Digital Hollywood University, Graduate School is a professional school specialized in Business, Creativity, and ICT integration, and our research areas are Web services, IoT products, the Culture of Technology, and so on. The School provides support and guidance to students to implement their own ideas and launch their startups.