Light of Birth

WOW / Nobumichi Asai
‘Light of Birth’ is a holographic art utilizing lasers and mist generators.

When numerous light sources are directed toward a single point, the point illuminates brighter than its surroundings. This may sound simple, but there is a fundamental idea. In nature, light diffuses 360° off of every object that meets our eye, and the hologram creates a similar environment. The notion that an object of light exists in space conjures up an image of a ‘substance’ being born. It is a calibration of both computer and actual space coordination systems. We figured this out when we created ‘Real-time Face Tracking & Projection—OMOTE’. Highly advanced technologies such as AR, VR, and 3D Printers are also in relation to the idea. What is interesting, is they all use open source codes like OpenCV. Nature’s written codes (laws) ‘creating’ the Real World. We may detect Plato’s ‘Theory of Forms’ here. In full awareness that we may be trespassing on holy ground, we dare to replace the words of the Bible ‘In the beginning was the Word’ to ‘In the beginning was the Code’.

Roppongi Hills ‘MAT LAB’, Mori Tower 52F, TOKYO CITY VIEW

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02.26—03.21 | 10:00—22:00

  • Entrance

    DOOR¥1,800 , ADV¥1500(TOKYO CITY VIEW Entrance Charge)

    Senior (65 years old or older) 1,500 yen (tax-included), high university student 1,200 yen (tax-included), 4 years old - junior high student 600 yen (tax-included)
    ※Ticket Counter : MORI TOWER 3F

  • Media Artist : Nobumichi Asai(wow)

    Creative Director : Kosuke Oho(wow)
    Conector / Technical Director / Art Director : Nobumichi Asai(wow)
    CG Designer : Hiroshi Takagishi(wow), Yasuo Koga(wow)
    Project Manager : Fumihito Anzai(wow)
    Supported by Intel Compute Stick

Artist Profile

  • WOW


    WOW is a visual design studio based in Tokyo, Sendai and London. We are involved in a wide field of design from advertising and commercial works to installation works for exhibition spaces, and also invent new user interface designs for prominent brand names. We are also very passionate about creating original art works, holding exhibitions not only in Japan but also internationally. We are continuously discovering the tremendous possibilities of visual design, and the visual designs that are useful for society bring out the best talents of each artist and designer.