The art piece behind the historical presentation.
The shape of communion of the future.

In October 2015, Spiber Inc. and THE NORTH FACE (Goldwin Inc.) announced the joint R&D project of next-generation protein materials at SPACE O in Omotesando Hills.
This project has started by Spiber Inc., a Yamagata biotech firm appointed governmental project and THE NORTH FACE, largest outdoor product company.

Spider silk had been considered to be an unattainable goal and called dream material, however, we turned synthetic spider silk materials into the outerwear jacket, MOON PARKA by the latest technology. (This was the world's first prototype made from artificial protein material on an actual manufacturing line. )

MOON PARKA is the embodiment of the latest technology ― the key visual of the greatest innovation in the history of materials was “SANSUI”, a monochrome video work created by a contemporary artist, EUGENE KANGAWA who exhibit ”Syndrome/Earth Hole” in this event.

“SANSUI” is a video work that KANGAWAt captured magnificent scenery of the mid-winter mountains in Tohoku, accordingly to the script of “the pilgrimage route of the mountain worship that once existed” which the artist determined through conversation he had with the monk in there.

By connecting the two brutal midwinter mountains in north, Mount Choukai and Mount Gassan (according to folklore, known as mountain of the sun and mountain of the moon respectively), with a straight line, he saw compelling images of the monochrome world in which snow mountain, whirling rivers, breathtaking waterfalls, immense forests, expansive earth and endless sky circulate.
The footage, attained through near-ascetic physical hardships portrays a tranquil and contemplative experience in outstanding resolution.
Perhaps, this is the image which was in the eye of monk of mountain worship that once have existed.

After the concept phase of this work, the joint work of Spiber Inc. who is located in Tsuruoka city and Goldwin Inc. who is embraced the nature was started. Also the moon in the night sky from the first scene of the footage was employed as the key image of MOON PARKA. This compelling image was also used at the press conference and represented majestic beautiful nature as the symbol of next-generation sustainable materials. This triadic relationship was underscored by this high sympathy.

This collaboration is the new figure of the interrelation between creativity and business that goes beyond the realm of expression and cross over the boundary of art and business.

Roppongi Hills ‘MAT LAB’, Mori Tower 52F, TOKYO CITY VIEW

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02.26—03.21 | 10:00—22:00

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    DOOR¥1,800 , ADV¥1500(TOKYO CITY VIEW Entrance Charge)

    Senior (65 years old or older) 1,500 yen (tax-included), high university student 1,200 yen (tax-included), 4 years old - junior high student 600 yen (tax-included)
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Artist Profile


    THE NORTH FACE began as a San Francisco climbing equipment retail store in 1966. We have raised the limit of outdoor throughout various products. The principle of “design science” that is represented by the R.Buckminster Fuller's words ; “I'm not trying to imitate nature, I'm trying to find the principles she's using”, underlies this brand.

    Also, fuller said “Mankind is to succeed for the Earth is designed”. For our era when the way of interaction between human and universe is revisited, we will convey the appropriate relationship between people and nature, accord between individual, and attitude to cherish what one has. These are the mission of THE NORTH FACE.

  • Spiber

    Spiber Inc. is a biotechnology startup from The Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University who firstly achieved to produce and manufacture on an actual manufacturing line the synthetic spider silk that is elastic and responsive than conventional fibers.

    They are working towards addressing multitude of global issues by accelerating the development of technology to produce next-generation protein materials.

    Spiber was established in 2007, and in 2013, they started the operation of the world first transdisciplinary prototyping research institution. In the same year, they released Blue Dress made of synthetic spider silk “QMONOS™”.

    In 2014, they expand their headquarters in order to advance their research and development. Also, their “Industrial material revolution based on high-performance structural protein" program was approved for “Impulsing Paradigm Change through disruptive Technologies(ImPACT)" and appointed as the core research organization by the Cabinet Office. In 2015, they received 2015 21st Century Invention Award from National Invention Commendation Society.

  • Photo by TAKAO IWASAWA

    Photo by TAKAO IWASAWA


    Born in 1989 in America. A founder of EUGENE KANGAWA MANAGEMENT/Object of Null, Inc. While his creation of footage and sizable installations, he takes part in wide range of projects; urban planning, proprietary research, AI, design, and education. This exceptional activity is manifoldly acclaimed as the forefront of next-generation, and achieved a participation in a project at Serpentine Gallery(2013), domestic private exhibitions, and a joint work with world-renowned musician Terry Riley(2014).