Rick le Cube et les Mystères du Temps | DIGITAL CHOC 2016

Since the first performance of “The Odyssey of Rick the Cube” at the Marmaille Festival and the Electroni(k) Festival in October 2009, and the roads since travelled, the SATI team and the public have grown attached to Rick, this simple, smiling, cubic egg.
On the road that led them to more than 200 representations, Erwan, Jesse and Jacques-Yves composed the basis for the new adventures of their favourite character. Rick the Cube takes us on board this time for a journey and a quest into climate.
Through this audio-visual concert / road-trip, SATI’s team enchant the public with their acoustic and electronic music, their sound effects and their technology.
The artists and their public find

ZA-KOENJI Public Theatre

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  • Organized by Institut français du Japon - Tokyo
    in partnership with NPO Creative Theatre Network / Za-Koenji Theatre

Artist Profile

  • SATI


    Pionnier de la scène VJ française, Jesse Lucas est le créateur du site VJFRANCE. Ses talents pour la production audiovisuelle et son goût de la scène l'ont amené à mixer dans divers clubs et festivals en Europe. Il est également le VJ attitré du groupe Olli & the bollywood orchestra dont il a créé tout l'univers visuel.