Semicopia | DIGITAL CHOC 2016

David Benqué
As we now question which impact food production and consumption have on planet and society, Semicopia introduces ambiguity and a wider variety of viewpoints and factors to show multiple possibles. Whereas some suggest to end the food industry, some others offer technological solutions : in-vitro, made in laboratory, and with no animal meat. Semicopia tells us more about these ideas.

Institut français du Japon–Tokyo

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  • This project is supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering as part of the Ingenious Grant.

Artist Profile

  • David Benqué

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    David Benqué

    His practice of design aims to craft more subtle, critical and ambiguous scenarios at the intersection between science and and society. Using a wide variety of media from three dimensional models to graphics, illustrations or video, and collaborating with other disciplines in the sciences and humanities, David Benqué aims to encourage the public to question and re-assess their relationships to science and technology.
    David holds a BA in graphic design from the Royal Academy in the Hague (Netherlands), and an MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art in London (United Kingdom). His work has been recently exhibited in Science Gallery in Dublin (Ireland), Ars Electronica in Linz (Austria), NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam (Netherlands)and in National Museum of China in Beijing.