Chomko & Rosier
As the sun sets and the street lights come on, traces of those who've passed under the lights are played throughout the city, re-animating the streets. Shadowing invites interaction between people who share a space. This could be as simple as walking together or more complex gestures could occur - a wave hello, a hop, or a dance. While you interact or react to the shadow your movements are recorded, leaving your shadow for the next visitor. Shadowing explores the disconnectedness that technology can create between strangers, the role of light in creating a city's character, and the unseen data layers and surveillance culture that pervades our contemporary urban spaces.
Winner of Watershed's 2014 Playable City Award, Shadowing was first installed in eight locations around Bristol in 2014. Shadowing took part in the 'Illuminating York 2015' festival, and was nominated by Sebastian Conran as one of the 'Designs of the Year 2015’ and is being exhibited at the London Design Museum until March 2016.

Toranomon Hills

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  • Originally commissioned by Watershed as winner of the 2014 Playable City Award.
    Organiser: British Council
    Special Cooperation: Rhizomatiks co.,ltd., Toranomon Hills, Watershed Sponsor: ASATSU-DK INC.


Artist Profile

  • Chomko & Rosier

    Chomko & Rosier

    Shadowing was created by Canadian designer Jonathan Chomko and British designer Matthew Rosier.
    Chomko holds a degree in interaction design from the University of Malmo, Sweden. Rosier graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a degree in architecture, going on to study at UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture in London. They met in 2013 when they both received a year-long research fellowship at Fabrica, in Treviso, Italy.
    In 2015, they founded Chomko & Rosier, a design studio creating new ways of engaging with technology.