The Mirror

Naotaka Fujii + GRINDER-MAN + EVALA
What is the self?
Immersive experience art piece "The Mirror" asks relation between the self and the body.
A participant, wearing a head mounted display and headphones, interacts with his/her mirror image displayed on the screen in front. Timeline of the mirror image jumps from now to past back and forth so that the participant starts losing 'here and now’ feeling. And feeling an existence of others who don't actually exist guides us to reconstruct a novel structure of the self and the body.

Roppongi Hills ‘MAT LAB’, Mori Tower 52F, TOKYO CITY VIEW

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02.26—03.21 | 10:00—22:00

  • Photo credit

    Installation view of “STANCE or DISTANCE? –Connecting Myself to the World” at Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto in 2015. Photo by Masaki Miyai Photographs courtesy of Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto

  • Entrance

    DOOR¥1,800 , ADV¥1500(TOKYO CITY VIEW Entrance Charge)

    Senior (65 years old or older) 1,500 yen (tax-included), high university student 1,200 yen (tax-included), 4 years old - junior high student 600 yen (tax-included)
    ※Ticket Counter : MORI TOWER 3F

  • Executive Producer Naotaka Fujii(RIKEN Brain Science Institute
    (Producer / Director / Visual Creator Hitoshi Taguchi(GRINDER-MAN
    (Choreographer / Dancer Makiko Izu(GRINDER-MAN
    Composer / Sound Designer EVALA

Artist Profile

  • Naotaka Fujii

    Head of Laboratory for Adaptive Intelligence, BSI, RIKEN and CEO of Hacosco Inc.
    Born in Hiroshima in 1965, Opthalmologist, Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur and Artist
  • Photo by Kosuke Tsukada

    Photo by Kosuke Tsukada


    GRINDER-MAN is a performance art group, aiming for the creation of art that is thematic of ‘here and now’ in their artistic expressions, thus, GRINDER-MAN embrace the contemporaneousness‘now’and the contingency that the performers and the audience meet ‘here’ at the performance site.
    The members are Hitoshi Taguchi and Makiko Izu. They work in a broad range of the performance fields: artistic directions, choreographies, sound and lighting designs, direction for the film, casting, producing, etc. so their works cannot easily be categorized into one simple existing genre of art.
  • Photo by Kenshu Shintsubo

    Photo by Kenshu Shintsubo


    Musician, sound artist. Born in Kyoto, 1976. Evala is known for his cutting-edge electronic music, and has shared his creativity in many national and international music/art festivals, performed and provided topological transform-sound design for public spaces, stage, films and ads. His recent works include CD ‘acoustic bend’, installation ‘Otocyon megalotis-‘Bat-eared Fox’’, as well as collaborations with Perfume, ONE OK ROCK, and Sakanaction.