Ambitions of Technology Art

Seiichi Saito(rhizomatiks) X Toshiyuki Inoko(team lab) X Junji Tanigawa

Apple Store, Ginza

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03.13 | 16:00—17:00


Artist Profile

  • Seiichi Saito

    Creative&Technical Director, Rhizomatiks/Media Ambition Tokyo Committee Born in Kanagawa in 1975, Mr. Saito began his career in New York in 2000 after graduating from Columbia University with a Master of Science degree in Advanced Architectural Design (MSAAD). Since then, he has been active in creative work at the Arnell Group, and returned to Japan upon being selected for the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial event. He produces works in the commercial art field which are three-dimensional and interactive while also being based on the firm grounding in logical thought that he cultivated through architecture. Mr. Saito has won numerous international awards at the 2009-2014. He currently serves as Director of Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd., while also lecturing part-time at the Department of Architecture in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Tokyo University of Science. 2013 D&AD “Digital Design” Jury, 2014 Cannes LIONS “Branded Content and Entertainment” jury. Milan Expo Japan pavilion theatre space director, Media Art Director at Roppongi Art Night 2015.Good Design Award 2015 Jury.
  • Toshiyuki Inoko

    Toshiyuki Inoko, Founder of teamLab was born in Tokushima City in 1977.He graduated from the University of Tokyo in 2001, from the Department of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics. He attended the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies before leaving in 2004. teamLab is an Ultra-technologists group made up of specialists in the information society such as; Programmers (User Interface Engineers, Database Engineers, Network Engineers, Hardware engineers, Computer Vision Engineers, Software Architects), Mathematicians, Architects, CG Animators, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Artists, Editors and more. We create works through "experimentation and innovation" making the borders between Art, Science, and Technology, more Ambiguous.
  • Junji Tanigawa

    CEO of JTQ Inc./ Space Composer / Media Ambition Tokyo Committee
    Born 1965. He founded consulting firm JTQ Inc. in 2002, providing creative direction for clients to “deliver [their] messages through the medium of space”. Going beyond the designing of physical structures, he applies all forms of communication to branding development and promotion. His major works include Japan Media Arts Festival (2005 - 2008), JAPAN BRAND EXHIBITION (2007), Kansei Exhibition (2009) at the Palais du Louvre’s Museum of Decorative Arts, Yakushiji Hikari Emaki (2010) to commemorate the 1300th anniversary of Heijyokyo, GOOD DESIGN EXPO (2007 - 2011), GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION (2007-2013), KRUG Bottle Cooler (2011, 2013), MARC JACOBS ICONIC SHOWPIECES EXHIBITION (2013), UT POP-UP! TYO (2013), MEDIA AMBITION TOKYO (2013 – 2014) and IMA CONCEPT STORE (2014). Tanigawa has been selected for the D&AD Awards, as well as winning numerous DSA (formerly DDA) Awards for his outstanding contributions to spatial design.