Keiichiro Shibuya Produce "Digitally Show"
Live: Keiichiro Shibuya, Seiho, SKY-HI, Yasei Collective
Alex Augier(DIGITAL CHOC 2016 & Scopitone collaboration artist)
VJ: HEXPIXELS, Daihei Shibata

20:00~20:30 Alex Augier
20:30~21:00 tomad
21:00~21:45 Seiho, HEXPIXELS(VJ)
21:45~22:15 ELLI ARAKAWA
22:15~22:45 SKY-HI
22:45~23:15 Yasei Collective
23:15~23:45 Keiichiro Shibuya, Daihei Shibata(VJ)
23:45~         ELLI ARAKAWA

Roppongi Hills ‘MAT LAB’, Mori Tower 52F, TOKYO CITY VIEW

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02.26 | 20:00—24:00

door open:

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    Entrance; door¥4,320 adv¥3,780

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Artist Profile

  • Keiichiro Shibuya

    Musician. Born 1973. BA of Composition, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. He established ATAK in 2002. Today he creates in Tokyo and Paris. In 2012, he unveiled the world’s first vocaloid opera “THE END” at YCAM. It had toured Tokyo, Paris, and Amsterdam. In April 2014, He held the concert "ETRANSIENT" at the Palais de Tokyo with Hiroshi Sugimoto. In October, he held a solo concert at Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris. In January 2016, he performed a runway music for PIGALLE at Paris Fashion Week. Last December he held a piano solo concert at the Spiral Hall, and the DSD-recorded live album will be distributed on the web in this February.
  • Seiho

    Producer/DJ/Beat Maker from Osaka, Japan.
    The sounds Seiho draws from ring familiar, but the Osaka artist blends them into new sonic shapes all his own. He connects jittery r ‘n’ b to traditional Japanese instrumentation, or fuses intricate jazz patterns with life-affirming rave. He brings disparate genres from around the globe together to form his own sonic interzone.
  • SKY-HI

    Rapper. He started his career in 2005 and made his major label debut in 2013.
    In January 2016, he released his second album “CATHARSIS.” It hit #5 on the Oricon weekly chart and was highly acclaimed with its carefully calculated story, wide range of tracks and many messages throughout the album. He is the most noteworthy rapper, songwriter and entertainer right now.
  • Yasei Collective

    Yasei Collective was formed by Masanao Matsushita(Ds) and Michihiko Nakanishi((Ba,Synth), whom just back from United states persuaded Takuro Tetsuro(Voc,Gt,Synth) and Kazuhiro Bessho into joining the band in 2009. They are in the most forefront of instrumental band watched by all the world with keen interest. Yasei Collective is belonging to the agency "FREE STAR" where also "ACIDMAN" belonged since September 2015, and released their 1st Single "radiotooth" in the same month. They are now preparing a new album " Lights" to release around April 2016.

    Inspired by the experiences and styles of techno she was discovering at the Labyrinth Festival, Elli gradually moved away from the eclectic style of DJing she had honed at fashion events, instead refining her taste to deep, purist techno. She plays with high energy and visible enthusiasm, often mixing quickly and catching crowds off guard. 
  • tomad (MaltineRecords)

    Organizer of the internet label "Maltine Records". He has started his career as DJ since 2006 with a laptop PC. He plays in the various venues around Tokyo, such as LIQUIDROOM and MOGRA. Also, he organizes club events several times a year, which gathers the trackmakers around him.

    HEXPIXELS the “C++ Punks” is a unit for realtime visual expression by Satoru Higa, an artist/programmer renowned for his contribution to openFrameworks community as a core addon (ninja) developer, and sound artist/vj/programmer Kezzardrix whose works range from his own interactive installation to live visuals for artists like SJQ++. Based on their diverse background of interactive programming, they probe & experiment the creativity of realtime rendering with shaders, physical models, game engines, and above all with their own repositories.
  • Daihei Shibata

    Born 1982, in Hyogo, Japan. After graduating from Chiba University Division of Media Design, he joined WOW inc. in 2007. Since then, he has been working on various projects including commercials, music videos, video for exhibitions, installations, and live performances. He continues being active between design and direction with considering the possibility of materialness of media and the communication of media. His most recent work are videos for NHK E-TV ”Design Ah”, video installations for 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, and VJ performances for BRDG.
  • Alex Augier (DIGITAL CHOC 2016 & Scopitone Collaboration Artist)

    Alex Augier is an electronic musician, lives and works in Paris. His work explores digital aesthetics in a transverse prism, including both sound and musical, visual and formal elements.