Time Elapse & Co-creation; Elements of Evolution in Art

Tatsuo Miyajima X Junji Tanigawa X Kei Wakabayashi X Teiya Iwabuchi

Apple Store, Ginza

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03.13 | 18:00—19:00


Artist Profile

  • Courtesy Lisson Gallery Milano

    Courtesy Lisson Gallery Milano

    Tasuo Miyajima

    Artist/Relight Project
    Tatsuo MIYAJIMA is a contemporary artist. He graduated from the Tokyo University of Arts in 1986 and also received an honorary doctorate from the London Institute in 1998. His participation in the Venice Biennale (1988) brought him international attention. Since then, based on the idea of ‘Art in You,’ he has produced a number of works that uses digital light-emitting diode (LED) and materials such as electric circuits, video, and computers. He serves as Vice President of Kyoto University of Art and Design and Tohoku University of Art and Design.
  • Junji Tanigawa

    CEO of JTQ Inc./ Space Composer / Media Ambition Tokyo Committee
    Born 1965. He founded consulting firm JTQ Inc. in 2002, providing creative direction for clients to “deliver [their] messages through the medium of space”. Going beyond the designing of physical structures, he applies all forms of communication to branding development and promotion. His major works include Japan Media Arts Festival (2005 - 2008), JAPAN BRAND EXHIBITION (2007), Kansei Exhibition (2009) at the Palais du Louvre’s Museum of Decorative Arts, Yakushiji Hikari Emaki (2010) to commemorate the 1300th anniversary of Heijyokyo, GOOD DESIGN EXPO (2007 - 2011), GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION (2007-2013), KRUG Bottle Cooler (2011, 2013), MARC JACOBS ICONIC SHOWPIECES EXHIBITION (2013), UT POP-UP! TYO (2013), MEDIA AMBITION TOKYO (2013 – 2014) and IMA CONCEPT STORE (2014). Tanigawa has been selected for the D&AD Awards, as well as winning numerous DSA (formerly DDA) Awards for his outstanding contributions to spatial design.
  • Kei Wakabayashi

    Chief editor /『WIRED』Japanese Edition
    Born in 1971. Spends his early childhood in London and New York. After graduating from Waseda University’s Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences (his major was in French literature), joins Heibonsha, a publishing company. Through editing for the company’s monthly magazine ‘Taiyo (sun)’, he becomes affiliated with Japan’s traditional cultures including cooking, architecture, design and literature. Becomes independent as a freelance editor in year 2000 and thereon works on editorial production for magazines, free-papers, corporate PR brochures, as well as editing exhibition illustration books and other written works. He is also active as a music journalist and edits music-related articles ranging from free jazz to K-pop. Is also a consultant for music labels, Editor-in-Chief for WIRED JAPAN since 2011
  • Teiya Iwabuchi

    Editor-in-Chief for ‘Bijutsu Techo’. Born 1975. Graduate of Faculty of Economics, Keio University. Has been a member of ‘Bijutsu Techo’’s editorial department since 2002, Editor-in-Chief since 2008. Also holds post as Editor-in-Chief for ‘Bijutsu Techo Global Edition’ founded in 2015, and online art news site, ‘Bitecho’.